To foster a joyful English learning environment in order to arouse students’ interest in learning and enhance their ability for life-long learning.

  1. To arouse pupils’ interest in learning English through various learning activities.
  2. To facilitate pupils’language skills which include listening, speaking, reading and writing through phonics teaching, writing exercises and story reading.
  3. To arouse pupils’interest in self-directed learning.
  4. To strengthen pupils’reading strategies and their reading habits.

Professional Supports


  • Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools (PEEGS)


  • STAR Programme 

“STAR” is an online assessment repository designed by EDB. It helps teachers assess students’ performance through a computer system by generating instant assessment reports for teachers as reference. 
Our school joined the programme as a partner school. Teachers in P3 level attended workshops and integrated the assessments into the curriculum by using them as pre-tests and post-tests. The next year our school became a network school. Teachers made use of the e-resources for both KSI and KSII to enhance the teaching and learning.


  • Reading Workshops

Students learn English not only for textbook. Interesting readers including fictions and non-fictions have been selected by our teachers and used as teaching materials in reading workshops. Local teachers and our NETs co-teach in the classroom. Various activities have been designed and carried our in the lessons. We hope students can learn English in an enjoyable way. 
- making things





English Activities

English Embassador training


  • Fashion Show



  • Halloween



  • English and Science Study Tour in Singapore (2017)

    On the third day, they attended a technology lesson at the Singapore Science and Technology Centre. They learnt how to make the marble machine. All of them had a wonderful time there.

    • In 2017, nine P 4-6 students joined a five-day English and Science Study Tour in Singapore. They visited many scenic spots such as the Merlion and Marina Bay Garden. They also visited the North Spring Primary School and had interesting lessons with the students there.
  • Interviewing tourists at the Peak and in the airport



  • Chinese New Year activities


  • Drama performance



  • Reading Buddies



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