May your wishes come true!
日期: 2021-12-02 至 31
活動類別: 全校活動
Sponsored by SF Express, YDC students’ wishes can reach Santa Claus this year. Each student will get a postcard. Simply write your wishes on the postcard, SF Express will deliver it to Santa Claus in Finland!
東華三院姚達之紀念小學(元朗) TWGHs Yiu Dak Chi Memorial Primary School (Yuen Long)
訪客人次: 1571215
地址: 新界天水圍天瑞邨第一期屋邨小學
Address: Estate Primary School, Tin Shui Estate, Phase I, Tin Shui Wai, New Territories
電話(Tel): 24451168
傳真(Fax): 24451358
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